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Welcome to the Totally Unique Academy

We are using only 3-10% of our mind. What about the 90%? Are we created with 100 percent of our mind to use or only a tiny fraction of it? That is an excellent question!

The fascinating fact is that we are created to use all of our potential. We just don’t know how to tap into it. The six thousand year old formula is a completely new way of thinking that leads us to using 100% of our minds. It is the wisdom of centuries that provides us with a completely unique and at the same time extremely simple way of accessing our minds and discovering our power on an entirely new scale.

This Academy is designed for you to understand the incredible power that you possess, and to learn a completely new way of thinking and use that power on a daily basis, in order to create in your life anything that you desire.

The Academy is designed at the Entry Level. You will learn some of the pieces of the formula with practical applications that will guide you towards the life of your dreams. You will be also provided with practical tools that when applied on a daily basis they will create amazing results in your life.
With the very minimum investment of $9.95 USD a month, you will receive rare teachings with unique ideas and techniques to guide you to manifest even beyond the possible. This is a one of a kind Academy, where everyday people, by learning a completely new way of thinking, are becoming extraordinary Totally Unique Individuals. This is the place where many extraordinary ideas will come to life. Your life!!!!!

We are honored and privileged to have you as a member of Totally Unique Academy!

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$9.95 USD / Monthly (recurring charge, for ongoing access)

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