Staying on track

July 12, 2014 at 6:42 am #3969
Amanda Devine

Thank you for your kind words scpace55! I am very glad that you like the videos and the posts. I am so happy that you are grateful for your life and you have big goals. Sounds awesome!

You see, the most important are the little things in our lives. They are the reason that we achieve our goals faster or it will take us longer to get there. We create everything by the way we feel and when we feel annoyed, etc. they are not the feelings that create what we desire. The most important is to feel gratitude and love. When we feel lots of it we will find ourselves more and more calm. I say to myself over and over again, like 100 times a day. I love you, Amanda. Then whatever I touch, I feel love for it and when I finish with the object I thank for it. This way we feel more and more love and gratitude. When we feel love and gratitude we automatically become and then stay calm. The calmer we are the more we realize that whatever the light is it does not matter any more. The same happens with other things. You just pick the things when someone left behind with a smile. But… when you keep continuing the love and gratitude routine, and you add the meditation to it, that makes us even calmer, I strongly suggest Powerful Simplicity that you can get on this website :), you will create the other people cleaning after themselves and… you will take your power to the level you have never thought was possible!
Have lots of fun!!! 🙂