Staying on track

July 13, 2014 at 12:33 pm #3971
Amanda Devine

Hi scpace555,
Thank you for purchasing the CDs. I am glad you are listening to them. My advice. Instead of listening to your gratitude recorded, say it yourself. It has so much more power when you say it!!! Make sure you use only positive words and it is only said in a present tense! That is extremely important.
You are so right about the smile. Make it permanent! When we smile we automatically feel good. 🙂
Be very patient with yourself. I had learn that too. 🙂 As you are getting calmer and calmer you will find that you will be less and less upset about things. You are already much calmer as you said and that is awesome!!! 🙂 So, give it a time. 🙂

Everything is a reflection of us. What do you mean by saying that you take responsibility for your world?