Staying on track

July 12, 2014 at 5:28 pm #3970
Steve Pace

Thank you Amanda. I did get Powerful Simplicity and the Light of Love and I am listening to them daily. I also recorded myself saying a gratitude affirmation over 100 times and put it to some calm music and I listen to that several times a day. I have started blessing each day, and being grateful for everything in my life. I am so much calmer than I used to be….but I do have habits of losing that calmness at certain items. I am taking your advice and will show myself and everything love.

I heard some great advice the other day, Make your smile permanent and make it very expensive to lose your smile (we usually give our smile away easily (cheaply) for these little annoyances). That really resonated with me.

I am also really working on taking responsibility for my world. The world is a mirror of us, really struck me hard too. This is what I am concentrating on.

Thank you for your story and for this information. It is very helpful!!