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August 1, 2011 at 7:14 am #1351
Christine Schumann

[quote] What can we do when the things we don’t want keep coming into our mind? :blink:[/quote]

[wuote] What can we do when the things we don’t want keep coming into our mind? :blink:[/quote]

I send love to the person or situation, and I don’t just think it, I actually imagine it going from my heart to where I want it to go. Then I conciously turn my feeling (of fear, doubt, shame, unhappiness) into a positive one. If it has to do with my family, I say: “Thank you, for I have a loving relationship with all my family members. My family is amazing!” 😉 If it’s financially: “Thank you, for I live in abundance! Thank you for I am provided for! thank you, for my income is constantly increasing!” :silly: If it’s with my husband: “Thank you, for I have the most amazing ralationship with my husband. He is the most generous, kind, loving and supportive man I know!”:kiss: If it’s a work situation – let’s say an angry customer: “I work with friendly and cooperating people. My customers are happy!” 😆 … and so on. I try to emphasize, or rather back these thoughts up, with a dose of feelings that I pull out of my heart. I create excitement in my mind and raise the vibration in my heart. Or is it the other way around? :huh:
The more I do that – the less these unwanted feelings/thoughts come up. The more I do that – the more excited I get because I also can watch how the people and situations around me are changing. It actually becomes fun, because, first of all you make yourself feel better (more empowered); and secondly, when the next thought comes up you smile and ponder on how you want it to look like. You become sure – more confident. :cheer: