Re: You are welcome to post your thoughts here.

June 8, 2011 at 11:50 am #574
Amanda Devine

One thing is that we need to realize that past is past, history. It is gone, so why worry about it. Our present situation is not important either. Our past in our present has absolutely nothing to do with our future. Where we are now is the result of what we have thought till now. But that is great news!!! They are our thoughts and we can change it. When I was so sick and I learned that it was like…whew!!! “Do you mean that I am so sick has absolutely nothing to do with what I am going to feel like tomorrow?” I asked myself that question. It was a huge relief to know that was the truth. This is how I started my journey to my recovery.

I give you a hint. Who is the one we talk the most to during our days?