Re: You are welcome to post your thoughts here.

July 24, 2011 at 4:39 am #1181
Amanda Devine

It is a great relaxation technique that helps us to get postive mind set. Thank you!!!

I would take that to a new level by using only positive words. It is very important that we use only positive words. As it says in the Bible, “Every idle word will be accounted for” and that is so true as every word that we use creates.

I would say that I have only harmony, love and light in me. Leaving is getting rid of things and it is negative. Even if it looks like positive it is negative. So, I would say that what you want to have in yourself.

Breathing. Instead of breating out the darkness. Breathe in Love.

When you do that. You will find it so much more powerful.
Thank you for sharing that technique with us. It is an awesome way to get yourself in the right mind set. :cheer: