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July 24, 2011 at 2:08 am #1177

Here is a formula to remove negative energies:

Breathe deeply through your nose ,stop our breath in the chest for a while.
Exhale through the mouth and declair three times :

“Everything inside me, around me, below me and above me, in all the bodies at all levels in all dimensions, in all stages of the life that is not light, harmony and love – leaving me now”

After each statement, using the breath to let the light into the body through the nose, blow the “darkness “out.

It immediately relieves nervousness, stress, worries, fears, anger, sadness, self pity, from our internal negative factors, and what we see as external and not belong to us.

say it three times,

exhale after every time, inhale and say it again.

I hope that it can help.


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