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July 22, 2011 at 7:25 am #1151
Christine Schumann

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Why are getting the conditioning that we are getting? :silly:[/quote]

Why are getting the conditioning that we are getting? :silly:[/quote]

Because the people that surround us while we are “growing up” are conditioned, teaching this limited thinking to us. We are also influenced by circumstances and events that happen to us or around us, as a reaction we create our own conditioning. :ohmy:

I’ll give you an example: When I was a little girl, about 10 years old, I met a homeless man on the market square in my home town. He had all his belongins tied to his bicycle and was taking a rest on a stone bench. So, I started talking to him, and he told me that he wished he had a bucket of soapy water and a sponge so he could wash his bike. Since I didn’t live far away I thought it I’d help him out! I went home filled a bucket of soapy water and grabbed a sponge and carried it to the man, and he washed his bicycle. He was so grateful and I was so happy I could help!:cheer:
When I came home my parents questioned me what I was doing with the bucket and the sponge. So, I told them. They were so upset and angry with me! I was told never to do anything like that again! A homeless person is nobody I need to associate with. They even called it dangerous! :S The truth is it was “far” from dangerous… Anyway, this incicent, along with some similar ones, lead me to doubt myself. That being nice and kind was being worthless and weak. Well, that’s what I was told! I started wanting to exceed in all I did – just to please my parents – just to get their approval! … and then later on in life the boss’s approval, my friend’s approval, my husband’s approval, and so on… What about my approval?
I’m realizing now that the my so called ‘weakness” is in actuality my “strength; and that my worthlessness is my greates treasure! I’ve been carrying all this incredible wisdom and knowledge with me my entire life, but limited myself to share it… and had a difficult time appying it, because of my conditioning. I’m so happy now that I know how to apply it – how to just be myself! :woohoo: