Re: You are welcome to post your thoughts here.

June 20, 2011 at 6:11 am #753
Lynn Thompson

What you are experiencing is a normal reaction. It is difficult to be positive when you are depressed and struggling.
So hound I overcome my personal challenges?
Whenever I thought of anything or felt anything I stopped.
I developed my bag of tricks.
I listened to positive CDs
I went to a place and time in my life when I was truly happy, and visited in my mind.
I found a giggle doll and a happy button. They sell them in many forms.
I bought happy face stickers and use them often.( be creative )
And I took a round flat object and wrote on it genuine round to it.
Also I have many little booke with positive sayings and lots of funny movies.
Feel free to use any or all and create your owne.
And most of all HAVE FUN.