Re: You are welcome to post your thoughts here.

August 16, 2011 at 3:42 am #1718
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1172][quote=”amanda” post=1161][quote=”[email protected]” post=1156][quote=”[email protected]” post=1127]create a new economy with our thoughts![/quote]

Exactly! We live in a perfectly healthy economy filled with unlimited potential and opportunities! Isn’t that great? :woohoo:[/quote]

I just love your replies!!! :woohoo:

Now, we really need to think and feel that.

Why do we need to feel it? :huh:[/quote]

So it becomes our reality! :woohoo:[/quote]

Brilliant asnwer!!! :woohoo:

How do we go about feeling the perfect economy?