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August 10, 2011 at 11:34 am #1621
Amanda Devine

[quote=”” post=1026][quote=”amanda” post=949][quote=”” post=934]So you do this as they are talking or complaining to you? I’ve been practicing this to no avail! As they are complaining, I say in my head, I love you, I’m sending you love, or you are loved….they don’t stop complaining….What am I doing wrong?[/quote]

Great question! :cheer:

The key is to feel that love. Repeating is not going to do it by itself. But this is how you start. I have started the same way. I repeated that I love them. Then, with time I felt that love. This is what I do now. I feel love and in my mind I say, “We are changing a subject to a good one.” When I feel that love, really feel it, it works. They change the subject by themselves. How great is that! :woohoo:

Don’t think about what they talk about, feel love instead. 😉

What does need to happen in order for them to change the subject in the way I have discribed above? :huh:[/quote]

So, there is no need to turn the negative subject into a positive one? Didn’t we create it, though? “blink”[/quote]

Of course we created it!!! 😆 People are mirror image of our thinking. When we are in a situation that people talk negative, the best thing is to change a subject, but when we start our journey of a new way of thinking, we might find that we are not so skillful to do that. In this case, we need to feel love for them, if we can’t leave the conversation or the room. We need to feel love for anyone anywhere anyway. 😆