Re: What thought produced this?

March 27, 2012 at 11:35 pm #3429
Christine Schumann

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2888]I have an interested development in my life that I thought I would share with all of you and get your input on this. I truly believe that I create 100% of my life, but at the same time I cannot even fathom what thought I projected to the Universe to cause this to happen.

My husband and I have good friends (or at least they used to be good friends) whom we call the Brits, as they are both from England and own a home here. We love these people. They are so gentle, kind, and considerate, and very, very polite. We have known them for 4 years or so, and we enjoy their company immensely. I felt such a calmness being around them. During our dinners together, we laugh and have such a great time. Never, ever was a negative word spoken among us.

They love animals, but due to the fact that they go home to England for the summer very year, they don’t have any pets because they don’t consider it fair to the animal that they are not settled down enough in one place. They always insisted that Marc and I go away on a trip so that they can have a chance to come over and take care of our two cats. They would walk over here twice a day and spend about an hour or so with the cats when we were gone. They indicated how much they loved doing that.

On a recent vacation to Sedona, when we were two days away from coming home I received an email that Barry “suddenly” developed cat allergies, and they could not wait for us to get home so they would not have to come anymore. As I said, these people are so considerate it, but they must have known what that email would do to us when we were still on vacation and why could they not wait until we got home to tell us this? I have my doubts that that is the reason they won’t cat sit for us anymore, because they have been around our cats and many other cats for years with no problems, so how someone suddenly develops allergies is beyond me. This also means we cannot invite them over for dinner anymore due to cats being here. It really kind of sucks, as far as I am concerned. They also have other friends whom they cat sit for that they have know way before they met us, so it will be interesting to know if they care for their cats when they are away or if they go to dinner at their house.

This ultimately sort of seems to me like it’s the loss of a friendship that came on so suddenly that it’s making my head spin. I have tried to think of what Marc or I may have been thinking that could have caused this, as there were never any negative thoughts about them at all. On the contrary, we always looked forward so much to their company.

It’s an especially harsh loss because we don’t have many friends here in Florida that we can socialize with, so this is especially devastating to us. I am working hard at getting rid of negativity about them now, so right now all I can do it be neutral about the whole thing. When something this big happens, it would be good to know what thought I had or Marc had that caused this to happen, especially in the middle of our vacation when we were having so much fun, but I just cannot find a cause.

This just goes to show that you don’t have to be thinking a thought more than once to cause something big to happen, and this is making me even more guarded now about what I think. As it turns out, when we got home it looked like they had not cared for the cats for at least two days before we got home, and this is totally unlike them. They would do anything for friends, even if it meant suffering temporarily through “allergies” to complete a committment they made to us.

I truly believe that I or Marc or both of us created this, but how we did is way beyond me. I know it’s not important to know how, but when a loss this big happens it’s difficult not to wonder about it.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I am still stunned.


Hello, I just wanted to add, that if you really cherish their friendship so much it doesn’t have to be over. You could have dinner and get-togethers at their house. 😉

Also, were you at all worried about the cats? Maybe made a coment like “I hope the cats are ok?” or something similar to that effect? :huh: