Re: What Is a Miracle?

February 1, 2012 at 3:14 am #3119
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2571][quote=”amanda” post=2562]What is a miracle? Something that we think we can’t create? Something so huge that we can’t see ourselves doing?
I have written a blog about miracles this week, but here in the Network I am going to take the understanding of miracles to a completely new level.

Can we create miracles? I mean real miracles. Yes, we can!!! The difference between creating miracles and manifesting anything else does not exist. It only exists in our mind. Our power goes beyond anything that we can ever imagine. I can imagine a lot and I realize that there is so much more there. The more I grow and understand, the more I am in awe as I see that I have not yet even scratched the surface. We are all at the very beginning of an amazing journey of our minds.

My little dog Rene had a problem eating and I have noticed that his front tooth was about to fall out. It was positioned almost horizontal and when I touched it if felt that I could just pulled it out with my fingers. I decided to fix his tooth. I used the power of my mind and in a matter of a week and a half the tooth is back up, sitting almost completely firm and Rene eats like he used to, enjoying his meals.

This is one of many stories that my clients tell me and I experienced myself. What is the difference between creating anything else and a miracle? The difference is in the way we think about it. Miracles seem to be out there, out of our reach, while everything else seems to be easier for us to manifest. So, why do we think that way? Because we don’t understand the power that we have. We don’t realize that the power we are equipped with has no limits! We don’t think that we are that powerful. The truth is that we are more powerful that we can imagine in our wildest dreams. I know so much about our power and yet, I am amazed about what it is that can be created. I realize in awe what it is that we are tapping into. During my mentoring sessions I read verses from the Bible. It is about the wisdom. The formula that I teach is all in the Bible. We are created in the image of that incredible power, God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, Source, or whatever name you can call it, still it is the same amazing power. Being created in the image of that Power we see ourselves as little human beings that are controlled by people and circumstances. How ironic is that!? We need to see ourselves for who we really are, the creators of our lives, of everything we experience on a daily basis. 100% of our lives is our creation. When this starts sinking into our minds, then we can create miracles on daily basis.

Stand in front of the mirror each morning and say to yourself. “I am so incredibly grateful that I create miracles every day.”

What is the mind set for creating miracles? :huh:[/quote]

The mindset is to be calm, to have inner peace, which comes from loving ourselves, which leads to faith (an absolute knowing, to be 100% sure) that we can create what we desire. What we think and feel manifests instantly, and the only reason it may not show up right away or not at all is because we may have doubts and/or fears. These thoughts/feelings of doubt and/or fear is blocking our manifestation. For example, if we want something to turn out or look a certain way and at the same time we feel resentment towards it or a person envolved, then we create the exact opposite of what we desire. That is because the feeling is not in alignment with what we are thinking. After all, it’s the feeling we have about something that is the creating force. So, if the thoughts are backed up with the right feeling then the miracles happen! :woohoo:[/quote]

Brilliant answer!!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: