Re: Visualizing

October 10, 2011 at 5:07 am #2332
Amanda Devine

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What do you think, should you visualize the same things every day or different things? :huh:[/quote]

Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

For me, the key is the “knowing”- knowing that ‘it is done’ and letting it go; meaning not worry about it. I think you can visualize the same or new things as you please. I think it’s kinda like with affirmations: you repeat them until it becomes your way of life, until that new way of thinking and feeling becomes your truth. Does that make sense?

When things start to manifest in your life, you are so thrilled and excited about it, and become more confident. You become like a “Genie”. :woohoo:[/quote]

Yes, that is true, we can visualize different things or the same things each day. What is the deciding factor in what is that we visualize? :huh: