Re: Very Important Questions

July 7, 2011 at 11:24 pm #955
Amanda Devine

I asked myself over and over,”Why me?’ When I realized how things work, my discovery was shocking! :ohmy: I realized that every time I said, “Why me?” I was creating more of the bad things in my life, more sickness. :blink: So, I changed it immediately! From being a victim of my sickness, I started to see myself as the power that can change that. Did I believe that at the begining? Not at all! But I repeated over and over again how amazing I was, how healthy I was. Negative things create negative things. We are conditioned that they make us stronger. The truth is that positive things make us stronger as we create more positive things in our lives. I have learned that and I see how this works perfectly every day of my life. It will work in yours as well! :woohoo: