Re: Very Important Questions

July 3, 2011 at 5:35 am #919
Amanda Devine

Thank you for your story with great ending! :cheer:
When I was so sick, I have always asked myself the same questions. Why me? And I also felt powerless. I also thought that I had no control over things. :blink:

But now, I understand that I have the power to change everything and I mean everything in my life.

The first thing you need to talk to yourself in the mirror, how magnificent you are. Then tell yourself over and over again throughout each day. “Thank you, I am in perfect health. Thank you, I feel so wonderful.” I used to repeat that over 100 times a day. It works! 😉 I healed my incurable disease! :woohoo:

We were conditioned that everything is about others, but the truth is: it is all about us!!! It always starts with us, because we are creating everything in our lives. But that is great news! Why? Because we can create health.

You are on the right track!!! :woohoo:

What happens when we say to ourselves; “Why me?”