Re: Very Important Questions

July 2, 2011 at 11:01 am #915
Jolanta Luty

More than one year ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I undergone major surgery, had 29 radiation treatments + chemo non stop. My healing journey through a cancer is still going on. I am currently still undergoing chemotherapy.
From the beginning I felt powerless over dilemmas I found myself.
I did not have control over all the events of my live. I lost my job and health insurance and later all my savings and now I am loosing my condo.
I asked over and over: Why did this happen to me? Why to me?
When I start asking myself: How did this happen to me? How? … by setting for something other than what I really want and… I forgot about myself.
I discover too that I have the power of choice. And from this moment I start see a little bit clear…