Re: To Be Or Not To Be

February 11, 2012 at 7:27 pm #3171
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2624]I find it very fascinating that you say this, Amanda, about how the word is a stage. Shakespeare realized it. I am starting to realize all this now, but the reason I find it mind-boggling is because I remember when I was a child in grade school, probably around the 5th grade, when I knew none of this and when I was being sort of squashed emotionally by my parents, there were some days when I would sit in class in school and ponder the thought “I wonder if everyone in this classroom is here just for me and I wonder if I am the center of the Universe and am just acting out a role”. I had no idea why this thought came into my head because at the time I had no idea how powerful I am, but I would bet that there was some form of this knowledge of who I really am that was seeping into my consciousness at the time. I shrugged the thought off as being silly and absurd! I was embarrassed by the thought and thought that I may be going crazy at the time to have such thoughts!

It wasn’t until the last few months or so that I am finally realizing on a conscious level how much power I have. When I look back on those childhood days, I see now that I knew who I was all along and a part of that melted down to a conscious level from time to time. The Universe was giving me a glimpse of my power, even though I poo-pooed it and my parents said that I should not think such thoughts, that it was very selfish. I believe that children, if they are allowed to use their imagination, are very wise![/quote]

That was a awesome story and a brilliant comment!!! Thank you for that!!! :woohoo:
You are so right that we are getting glimpses of our power throughout our lives, but it feels so incredibly “out there” that we often don’t give it a second thought and we let it go. Until… the real magic appears in our lives and we start accepting it. :cheer: