Re: To be free and in love with yourself

June 26, 2011 at 5:55 am #858
Amanda Devine

Jolanta, people think about you what you think about yourself. They talk about you what you talk to yourself. So, I would say this to you, do that tool of talking to yourself in the mirror. Do it every single day and things will start changing. People will see you the way you will start to see yourself. As you repeat to yourself how amazing you are, you will star to feel amazing and people, I mean other people beyond this network, will see you amazing. This all starts with you!!! You can not have anyone write for you who you want to be! Please, never ever do that!!! It is completely up to you who you want to be. The truth is that you are an incredibly special amazing woman that dreambuilder has just described! You just need to know that you are and it is going to happen. Listen to the CD and talk to yourself in the mirror. Treat it very seriously, serious fun as it is so much fun to do that! :cheer:

We love all love you, Jola, and telling yourself, “I love you Jola”, you will love yourself. When YOU love yourself everyone, and I mean everyone will love YOU! :woohoo:

It is simpler that you give it credit. 😉