March 11, 2012 at 12:41 am #3331
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2788][quote=”amanda” post=2784][quote=”[email protected]” post=2780][quote=”amanda” post=2777]One of my clients took his very sick dog to the vet on Saturday. The dog was so bad that he could barely lift his head and my client had to hold his head for him to get a drink. He ground some liver and mixed it with water, so the dog would have at least some nourishment when he drank, as he would not eat at all. The vet told him that the dog was full of cancer and he was bleeding to death, (he was urinating blood). He told my client that the dog was not going to make it through the night and all he could do was to make him comfortable. My client decided to bring his dog back home. After the initial shock, as he loves his dog very much, he decided to apply the things that he learned during the mentoring program. He started to send lots of love to the dog and give thanks that he is perfectly healthy over and over, and write down, “I am so grateful that I have my dog perfectly healthy”. He saw in his mind his dog running and feeling awesome. On Monday, two days later, the dog was sitting up. On Wednesday, the dog started to eat again and stood up on his feet for the first time. On Friday, the bleeding was gone from the dog’s urine. By the Saturday and Sunday, the dog was running. My client is still overwhelmed by the power that he has just experienced. He, with his right mind set saved his dog’s life.

My uncle in Poland who is sick with very advanced diabetes was only able to go from the bed to the table. The table and the bed are in the same room. He spent all days in bed. His wife, my aunt, uses the same techniques (like my client did with the dog) to heal him and now my uncle walks, goes to parties, and the only time he goes to bed is when he needs to sleep. He keeps getting better and better. The fascinating thing is that my aunt is healing him, as he does not want to do it, because he does not believe in the power of the mind. How interesting is that?!!!

We all have that power, six billion of us, we only need to know how to use it. 😉

Why do you think my client could heal his dog and my aunt helping her husband get better? :huh:[/quote]

Because they know and believe the power that they have… They use their affirmations enhanced with their immagination (seeing the dog running and feeling good; seeing her husband in perfect health), and so make the healing happen.

I read a very powerful quote of Jesus today: “Healer, heal yourself!” WOW :cheer: :silly: ;woohoo:[/quote]

That would seem like it is the case. But what if I tell you that my client was a very sceptical man untill he healed his dog and my aunt did not believe it either. So, why it is happening? :unsure:

I love that quote from Jesus!!! Do you know the verse?[/quote]

Unfortunately I do not know the verse. I saw this quote on FB yesterday. :dry:

Well, the only other think I can think of is “Love”! Unconditional Love for our loved one (dog and/or husband). Because what we focus on and what we feel is what manifests in our lives. B)[/quote]

Love is very important. My client learned from the vet that his dog was going to die, so does my aunt expected that her husband was going to pass away. After the intitial emotions of loss, as seeing that nothing else was available to change the situation, they both decided to use the power we have not even believing in it. They both used the tools dilligently and miracle took place. The tools got them to the state of knowing, but as you said it started with love. Was it unconditional love? Knowing what I know about unconditional love, I would say that it was not, but it was enough to “power” them into right direction. And as you said, it was love that started them on the right course.