Re: The Power of Prayer

April 22, 2012 at 6:15 pm #3554
Lynn Thompson

Love, prayer and believing make miricals happen.
I am going to ask you to help in making a mirical happen.
My great grand daughter Avada, is going to a specialist Monday.
She has not been diagnosed yet.
She has had respitory and allergy problems for sone time. She is 3 years young.
Last week she was running a vary high fever and the family has been working around the clock to keep it down. She also needs to be on a special breathing device several times a day.
I ask that you join in to our universal power to make a mirical happen and she is back to being the great energy that she is and gives to all who come in contact with her.
She is a child full or joy and happiness. She makes people smile and laugh. She is a blessing and a mirical.
Her mother wanted her so much and was told she could not have a child because or a auto accident as a teenanger hit bu a drunk driver.
Arvada in our gift to us and she brings the gift of love and joy to the universe.
I thank you in advance for your prayers.