Re: The Power of Our Thought

June 25, 2011 at 12:25 am #818
Christine Schumann

Yes, that’s because you feel greateful when you get treated with kindness and respect yourself. 😉

The person on the other line, or the person making the mistake, giving the wrong information, etc. is only doing what they are doing because they are not in the NOW. They are in thought somewhere else.

I realized that lately myself: Have you ever pride yourself saying your are a great multi-tasker? Alot of people do. But doing more than one thing at a time is really taking your full attention away from what you are doing, isn’t it? The end result may be ok, but the quality is missing. Your creation (what you are doing) is missing its’ purpose (quality) within. It wasn’t made with LOVE -without your full attention. Let’s lead the way – be the change! :woohoo: