Re: Seeing Is Believing Or…

June 10, 2012 at 1:50 am #3686
Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=3143]We have heard many times and we tell ourselves that as well that, when we see it we are going to believe it. The truth is that everything works the other way around. When we believe it then we are going to see it. We always see what it is that we believe. Our world is a reflection of our thoughts/feelings. When we look around, we see our own thoughts and feelings about people or situations. When we believe that a certain person is hard to deal with, we are going to create that person exactly that way, meaning hard to deal with. When we will see that particular person to be wonderful to deal with, that is what we are going to create, a person that is fun to be around. :woohoo:

It is not that seeing is believing, it is our believing what we see. So, if we want to create our lives in a new way we need to start with our mind. We need to imagine those people or situations that we want to create in a completely new way. Then we need to believe that it is possible. When we do, we will see those new results in our lives. :woohoo:

How do we go about creating a belief? :huh:[/quote]

By affirming and writing down our new belief, over and over again until it becomes part of us, our second nature… until we believe it. Then we will see it! Brilliant!! :woohoo: