Re: Quote

June 26, 2011 at 5:39 am #855
Amanda Devine

This is a message for you and it is also a message for everyone who reads it!!!

This is an answer or Master Intern Level or even Master Level, 😉

My teacher told me that everything that is around us is a message for us to grow. So, when you see something like that or anything else, don’t look at it as critizm. Look at it as something to think about and learn. Always look at it from your point of view, not the other person’s as we can only see ourselves and everyone else from our point of view. The message says: “What I see in you, I have in me”. Meaning; If I judge you it is only because I judge myself. If I love you only because I love myself.

It is an incredible, true message!!! :woohoo: True for all of us!!! 😉 All of us living on this planet! 😉

Thank you for that message as this message is for me as well. 😉