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July 23, 2011 at 9:30 am #1171
Amanda Devine

[quote=”amanda” post=602][quote=”[email protected]” post=600][quote=”amanda” post=598] But what is quantum physics really about? :silly:[/quote]

The science of the invisible energies of the universe. The law of the universe explained from a scientific view point rather than meaphysical. B)

Or is it the metaphysical backed up by science? :silly:[/quote]

That is a brilliant question! B) Is it a science with spirituality explaining things happening on the subatomic level or sprirituality explained by the science? :blink:[/quote]

I would say it is both. :silly: That is why Albert Einstein tried to prove that quantum physics was not a science. He tried that all his life and he could not do it. Like one of my clients said, “He got sick of quantum physics and he died” 😆

The fact is that quantum physics IS a science. A science full of mistery and fasctination for everyone. Whoever gets in touch with quantum physics gets really curious and amazed by it. Why? :huh:

Because of the fact that this is an only science that proves the power of our mind. That science was the deciding factor of understanding the mechanics of this illusion world and helping me to heal myself. 😉

The fact is that quantum physics explains scientifically that metaphicical world. You see a miracle happening and you wonder how that was possible. Quantum physics explains all miracles. :woohoo:

Why do you think is that? :blink: