Re: Purpose

August 10, 2011 at 11:47 am #1625
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=1053]When I looked at the blank piece of paper I saw a huge Angel that spoke to me, saying that this was me. Me, I asked? Yes, you. You were an angel that came here to earth to help others. I was quite taken back by this, and then I wasn’t as I have been chanelling Angels for over 30 years. Hmmm? this felt very right, but very big. Who, me? I asked again. Yes, you and at that moment I could feel the vibration of being that Angel. I then noticed I had made a slight bubble where I was holding the blank piece of paper and a minature triangle formed within the bigger triangle and was told that it was me when I took my First Holy Comunion at age 5. I was a little Angel then. My entire being filled up with a very magical feeling with an instant understanding that this was my truth. Writing this memory again (It happened a month ago) is reuniting me with the feeling I had put on the back shelf. Imagine that? Me an Angel and I put it on a back shelf. I sure needed this jolt at this very moment…. On to more magic.

Yes, you are an angel! You are so special! I am honored to know you!

The thing is we are all angels. All special and all we need to know that we are those special beings, helping others by helping ourselves.
I am so honored to know you all!
Thank you for being in my life!!! :kiss: