Amanda Devine

[quote=”skuda@roadrunner.com” post=1009]When I start looking at myself as a happy person? I do consider myself as a happy person…I have always considered myself that way, and everyone around me says that same thing about me….hmmmm.. Do I seem like an unhappy person to you? I know I am frustrated because of all I have to learn to become like you….so I guess this makes me not truly happy…?? hmmmmmm[/quote]

If you believe that you are a happy person than you are. If you think that you are not, you are not. :silly:
You will never be like me. You don’t want to be like me. You want to be youself, happy and being in the flow as you call it. There are no flakes the same. That is why we can never compare ourselves to anyone. You are unique and you need to stay unique. When you see that in yourself, you see how special and one of a kind you are, you will appreciate yourself more than you ever have had before. :cheer: