Re: Purpose

July 20, 2011 at 9:06 am #1077
LeRoy Bovey

I work at appreciating my self without becoming narcissistic or patronizing myself.
For instance, I enjoy giving of myself without expecting reward. I must say I receive much back from giving but do not expect it.

I have believed and told people I loved them when I was not sure. But the thought in my head got me to love them more than I thought, as they in turned loved me. I love myself for doing that.

I work with terminally ill, homeless people and released prisoners every chance I get. My “attitude” seems to rub off on them and I make great friends that way. Everybody is a beautiful soul and gives me good feeling to know them and that. I open myself up to criticism and get it. It helps me be a better person and that is what I love about myself.