Re: Purpose

July 17, 2011 at 3:45 am #1020
Amanda Devine

My teacher said to me one day. ‘When people are scared because they don’t feel love for themselves.” We are energy and our energy vibrates. Love is the highest vibration of energy. As we feel love, our body heals. When I was in pain I was scared as well. When I learned how the things work, and how important the love for myself is, I sent myself love. I said, I love you, Amanda, and I felt better in my mind. As I felt better in my mind, I felt better in my body. I also repeated to myself, I am safe and protected by that amazing high power.

This is what I would suggest. Any time you feel scared and feel bad, ask the great power to help you to feel good. Then immediately thank for receiving the peace. When I was feeling pain I was thanking over and over for the perfect health. Also, if you feel bad, scared or any other bad emotion, put the CD on. It relaxes and it will make you feel better. It is about healing on the CD. Send love to yourself. Love heals. In the meantime when you get up in the morning, every morning say all the wonderful things to yourself in the mirror. 😉

Another thing, if something like that happens again, just say it to yourself that it is going to be the best experience that you have ever had. Ask the great power to deliver just that. :woohoo:

In 12 days I have the seminar about how I healed myself. You will learn so much from it!

We ALL here love you, Jolanta. You are an amazing person and we all are very privileged to know someone as special as you! :cheer:

How are you feeling now?