Re: Purpose

July 16, 2011 at 7:44 am #1005
Amanda Devine

That is so true that meditation is very important. It makes us feel calm and calmness is the key to our success. The thing is Jolanta, that we very often complicate things. Why? because we are conditioned to do that. When we look at things from that complicated point of view we don’t see the simplicity that we need to apply to our lives in order to make them awesome. :ohmy:

The inner wisdom is very important, but how do we get to it? By making things simple. By realizing that the only person that creates our lives is us and this is the only person that we need to change in order to change our lives. So, what is that we do to change that person? Meditation is one of the things. Then we talk to ourselves in the mirror telling ourselves how amazing we are. We pay attention to the thoughts that we have. It is that simple!!! :woohoo: