Re: Pure Love

March 18, 2012 at 7:09 pm #3367
Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=2819][quote=”[email protected]” post=2817]I am feeling very happy lately…
I feel love around me….
I am so grateful that soon I can meet in person John of Good…
I would love to thank Amanada for her generous gift. Amanada you are PURE LOVE !
The gift you gave me was unexpected, but very much appreciated. Words alone can`t express how grateful I am.
Your kindness really warmed my heart.
I love You!
Thank you for everything what you have done for me![/quote]

You are perfect, Jolanta and John of God is going to help you to see your perfection. All of us are going to be with you on your journey and we know you are going to come back as a new person.

There is no gift in the world that can tell you how much everyone here and I love YOU!!!

Have absolutely Magical Trip!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:[/quote]

Amanda is speaking the Truth! I am with YOU too! I love you soooooo much!! XOXO :cheer: :kiss: :cheer: