Re: Prayer

June 23, 2011 at 12:41 pm #809
Lynn Thompson

Many years ago,after a divorce, I made a decision to live my life. Although I did not believe in myself, and I believed all the negative programing, I chose to be free to be me.
I gradually realized what a wonderful and self sufficient person I truly was.
The day finely came that I looked up at the sky and seed “God I am ready to make a commitment……………”. (not going into a long story)
I now know that the commitment I made was to myself and the universal power.
What happened next was a miracle. It led to the most incredible man coming into my life, a fantastic life and experiences beyond my wildest dream.
At the same time I was macking my commitment so was he.
Within 24 hours we met. We had 28 years together and I am so grateful.