Re: Practice What You Preach

November 27, 2011 at 10:01 pm #2755
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2184][quote=”amanda” post=2176]As you have learned from my posts that love and calmness are the key ingredients to manifesting in our lives anything that we want. Now, you are starting to understand the incredible power that you have. I am stating here, “starting” as I am still learning the true power that we have. I know that our power still goes beyond what I think is possible. I keep growing my imagination as this is the only boundary that we possess as for anything to appear in our lives, we have to be able to imagine it first. For me to cure the incurable disease, I had to imagine that it was possible, before it became a reality. :woohoo:

Let’s take all that I said here to a practical level. In the next few posts I am going to give you many practical applications of the knowledge that I presented in the Network. 😉

Let’s imagine a situation and see how we can apply all that I taught you so far in practice. 🙂

Our partner has a habit that we don’t like. Every time he/she vacuums the house, instead of wrapping the cord neatly around the handle, he/she leaves it lying on the floor next to the vacuum cleaner. When we go to use the vacuum cleaner again the cord is tangled and it takes us a while to straighten it up so we can use it. After a while we expect the cord to be tangled, even before we go to the place where the vacuum cleaner is. Every time we go through the same thing, it drives us crazy. We talk to our partner over and over about it and…nothing changes! The same story! :S

Let’s analyze it and see what we can do. First, being aware of how the law of creation works, whenever we get angry we create more of the same situation. As we start to expect that situation that we don’t like, we are perpetuating it and making it even stronger. We need to become calm. 🙂

We can talk to our partner again about that habit, but when we do we create it again. Very likely we are going to have a confrontation with him/her about it because of the emotions that we have when we think about that cord. Besides, when we talk about something we don’t like we create even more of it. Ouch! :blink:

So, what do we do? Here is the plan. First, we stop talking about it to our partner or anyone else for that matter. Then we became calm. How do we go about becoming calm? When we truly understand that we are the only ones that creates our world we realize that as we created that cord lying messy, we can create it being neatly wrapped around the handle of the vacuum cleaner. We send lots of love to our partner and the cord. Then we see in our mind that the cord is exactly as we want and be grateful for it. We need to do it before we get to the room where the vacuum cleaner is. When you are calm and you have that picture in your mind it is going to happen. :woohoo:

That example with the cord is actually a true story that one of my clients told me. He was frustrated about that cord for years and he talked about it to his wife all the time. He did what I suggested. He stopped talking to his wife about it, and he saw it neatly wrapped in his mind when he was driving home. He called me two days later, excited. He said that he was thrilled to see it neatly wrapped. He could hardly believe that it took him only two days to change something he fought about for years. What has happened? He stopped fighting it!!! :silly:[/quote]

There are so many ways to explain what happened here…. He let go and let God… He turned to go with the flow instead of against it… He stopped and chose to send love instead of fighting, which in turn caused anger, resentment and confrontation… and so on.

By implementing this “tool” over and over again on all the little things that irritate us… we not only change the situation to our desired outcome, we also improve our relationships with the people in our lives. Life becomes easier… and after a while more effortless. We also change our “conditioning/programming” to a more supportive one, supported by Love. Make sure you give thanks and recognize what you have accomplished. Give yourself a pad on the shoulder for a job well done!! :cheer:

You start asking yourself: “Hmmm, what do I want this to look like?” or “What do I want to create now?” Know, that there is no limit!! :woohoo:[/quote]

Brilliant answer!!! :woohoo:

How else would you explain it?