Re: Physical symptoms and spiritual beliefs

September 10, 2011 at 7:38 am #2103
Amanda Devine

This is a very interesting subject and questions.

We are complicating things so much and the truth is so incredibly simple. It does not matter what is that we have thought or worry about. It does not matter what has happened to us. I mean specifically. What matters is, that it was a negative feeling, stress as doctors would call. Those negative emotions lower vibration of our energy and our body gets sick. We don’t need to concentrate on different areas of our lives in order to make them better. All we need to do is concentrate on ourselves and everything is taken care at the same time. I teach a very simple formula that works in all areas of our lives at the same time. So, saying to yourself: “Thank you, I am in perfect health” is completely sufficent together with changing how we feel about ourselves. I used to complicate things like everyone else. As I grow I realize how true is what one Master said, “The wiser a soul becomes, the simpler things are.” So, anytime I think or teach, I always look how I can make things simpler. :woohoo:

Why do you think it is enough to concentrate on ourselves? :silly: