Re: People Talk Negative. What Do I Do? – Part 2

August 4, 2011 at 2:05 pm #1429
Jolanta Luty

This visualization is very powerful for me.

“Feel your feet securely on the ground, attached to earth like the roots of a tree. Visualize these roots moving to the center of the earth, becoming part of the earth.

Feel a warm, bright BLUE LIGHT coming up from the center of the earth into your body through your feet. Feel it spread through your legs, hips, torso, shoulders, out your arms to your fingertips. Feel the energy of this grounding light in your fingertips. Feel it spread up your neck through your face and head.

Now notice a GOLDEN WHITE LIGHT coming down from source/universal consciousness/ the sky. See it come into the top of your head, spreading its warm embracing golden glow through your head, around it, down your throat, all the while mixing with the energy of the blue light. Sense it continue through your torso and arms, down your hips and legs, and anchoring your feet further to the earth.

Now that you are firmly grounded and connected to a positive, safe source of light energy above, you can picture the protection of these two energies growing around you. Sense the blue light and golden light mixing within you, growing, starting to expand just past your body, but in the shape of your body. Feel the enveloping energy of these light sources. Sense the light expanding beyond your skin, a few inches out, protecting you further. As it grows larger, it forms a rounder shape around you, until it is a couple feet beyond your body. It is a strong protective wall of energy around you now, not allowing negative energy of others to come in, but allowing your emotions to sense love and light, and let go of anything that no longer serves you.”

Visualizing this energy surrounding you will protect you as you enter crowded areas, parties, unsettling family situations and uncertain work conversations.

As you practice this, you will find that you will intuitively bring in this protection more quickly.