Re: Partying neighbors and noisy dogs

November 6, 2011 at 5:57 pm #2617
Amanda Devine

[quote=”” post=2071]Hi 🙂 I notice that Amanda is encouraging you to recognize the feelings, as presented in your post, that are creating your current reality. Have you been able to identify them? The reason I ask is that if we tell you what we notice, it might not go to a deeper level for you, whereas if you can identify the creative thought/feeling in this situation for yourself, then you will be able to change it more easily.
Amanda has taught me that it is not up to us [i]how[/i] something will change, but to focus on the goal. So I imagine that you focus on living among quiet, friendly neighbors, and that the sounds magnified by the water are pleasant to you. If you can imagine this; relaxing in your lanai, hearing the lovely sounds, greeting your neighbors and them greeting you politely, noticing the quiet, peaceful pets, and feeling a smile in your heart for all this… then you can change to this reality.
Be patient, ask for help from the higher power, and keep re-directing your thoughts and feelings continually (every time you catch yourself in the unwanted thought/feeling), knowing the you really will be living in your dream situation. I agree with Amanda… You [u]can [/u]do it![/quote]

Awesome advice!!! :woohoo:

What else? :huh: