Re: Partying neighbors and noisy dogs

November 6, 2011 at 1:21 am #2602
Christine Schumann

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Oh Sweetie, you deserve to rest and get a good night sleep. Tell yourself that when you look in the mirror. Say, “I love you” to yourself and give yourself a hug. Then in the evening, while lying in bed, say: “thank you for a restful night sleep”, repeat in the morning: “Thank you for a restful night sleep. I feel rested… so amazing!” …and so it is! :woohoo:[/quote]

Awesome advice!!!! :woohoo:

What else? :huh:[/quote]

What would you like your neighbors to be like? Create in your mind… say it over and over again: I live in the most peaceful neighborhood and I love my neighbors. They are such friendly, respectful, considerate people and they have the sweetest dog. :cheer: