Re: Partying neighbors and noisy dogs

November 3, 2011 at 11:25 pm #2589
Christine Schumann

[quote=”” post=2035]Hello All,

You can probably tell from the content of my subject line what this post is about. Before I begin, I will say that for the past few weeks I have been affirming to myself “I live in a perfect neighborhood with quiet and peaceful neighbors. I love everyone and everyone loves me”.

We live on a canal and, as most of you know, water conducts noise and magnifies it. There are people across the canal from us who party on their lanai outside two days out of every weekend until 2 AM, with no consideration for others who are trying to sleep. It doesn’t matter if the windows are closed or not. Closing up does not quiet the noise enough to sleep. Just when I thought things were getting better, they now have a dog that they closed off on the lanai and they let it howl most of the night, thus once again denying sleep to those who like to sleep at night.

This is going on despite affirmations to the contrary, as I stated above. As a last resort, would calling the police be a negative thing to do in this case to try to gain back some peace and quiet? These are not they type of people you can speak to about anything, just bear that in mind.

If anyone has thoughts on this, I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you, and have a magical week! :)[/quote]

Oh Sweetie, you deserve to rest and get a good night sleep. Tell yourself that when you look in the mirror. Say, “I love you” to yourself and give yourself a hug. Then in the evening, while lying in bed, say: “thank you for a restful night sleep”, repeat in the morning: “Thank you for a restful night sleep. I feel rested… so amazing!” …and so it is! :woohoo: