Re: Let’s all turn that light on to let it shine!

March 27, 2012 at 9:00 pm #3423
Lynn Thompson

I also watched the PBS special.

I met Wayne Dyer when he was at a Unuty Church speaking. He was promoting his first book. I have followed his amazing journey and even wert to a 3 day seminar.

I always donate every year to PBS and when Wayne talked about what he offered as a full package I called without hesitation.

About 2 weeks ago I got the package. I could not put down the “Dying To Be Me” book.

All my life I knew how special I was and felt unconditionally loving. I could not understand why I wasn’t loved. I could not understand why people had hookes on love. (If you do this I will love you)

When I wread the book I rediscovered my love and my purpose. Life has been moving so fast and I see only the wonderful things and people in my life. I know that I am loved and appreciated. I also create miricals every day.

I am blesses with this knowing and magnificent energy AND SO ARE YOU.