Re: Karma from past lives

August 26, 2011 at 12:41 am #1791
Annette Coykendall

Hi Laurie,
I truly enjoy reading your posts, and some of your questions are my questions, too. My belief about this subject is that yes, past lives can affect our present life, but as we wake up to who we REALLY are (namely, God Also), we can let go of these old paths or wounds or lessons. It’s just like any lesson from this present life. We acknowledge it, then decide what we really want and focus on that. The discussion that Amanda started regarding not talking about conditioning any more is one that pertains to what I am trying to say. We are never stuck, and if we decide it, this is the lifetime to be totally free! That’s what I choose.
Fun to hear of your ticking clock experiment. I’d love to hear of more things you do to show yourself your power!