Re: Jerry Hicks’ transition into nonphysical

November 25, 2011 at 7:50 pm #2715
Jeremy Krenzelak

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2174]A lot of people are asking this question…. Jerry is a joy filled and fun loving being. He experienced much of that in his physical life and now wanted more and transitioned so that he could experience more. If he had a desire to physically heal himself he would of but we all expand and this was the next step in Jerry’s expansion. so he could experience himself in a more joyful way that can only be experienced as non physical. It may be hard to understand why he would not want to heal himself because logically no one wants to die. Jerry did not see dieing as a negative but as a positive and was ready for more joyful experiences.[/quote

I think what you said about Jerry is true. I was just so startled by his transition because recently they told us Jerry was doing very well from the massive doses of chemotherapy and that he would be fine, and then he passes with the leukemia diagnosis looming in the background, so the timing just didn’t seem right to me which made me think he could not heal himself. If, on the other hand, he just chose this time to transition and it had nothing to do with the disease, then that makes sense to me.