Re: I Am So Grateful That I Understand Our Power

January 22, 2012 at 7:31 pm #3078
Amanda Devine

[quote=”[email protected]” post=2532][quote=”amanda” post=2500][quote=”[email protected]” post=2496][quote=”amanda” post=2478]Last Sunday evening I was watching the football play offs and on the commercial breaks, I decided to have one of the hard boiled eggs that my husband cooked for me. I took one of the eggs, already pealed, and thought that it would be so nice if that egg was warmed up. I put the egg in the microwave to heat it up. I have never done that before and I did not know what happens to boiled eggs when you put them in the microwave. I heated the egg for a short time and it was not warm enough for me, so I put it back into the microwave, to heat it up again. When I took it from the microwave it was very hot. I picked it up, took it to my mouth and bit on it. The egg exploded in my face. The hot air from the egg and the egg itself burned my face and inside my mouth very badly. The pain was very strong and I washed the egg from my face and mouth with cold water while my husband gave me some ice in a cloth to put on my burns. It did not help with the pain. I sat for a moment trying to watch the football game, but there was no way I could even remotely concentrate on it as the pain was unbearable. My husband suggested that I take some pain medication. I replied that I am going to use the power of my mind. I got up and I went to the bathroom to look at my face. My face was swollen, red with blisters, all over my lip and a big blister forming between my lip and my nose. My gums were white. All the time I was very calm. I left the ice in the kitchen and I went to the family room. I stood there. I wanted to feel good and I wanted not to have any burn scars on my face. I closed my eyes for two seconds and used the power that we all have. When I opened my eyes, nothing changed. But inside I knew I was going to be OK. I walked toward the bedroom to watch the football game with my husband. By the time I reached the bedroom, my pain was down by 50%. During the next 15-20 minutes, the pain kept going down and down until it was completely gone. I was thrilled!!! I was so incredibly grateful that I understood the power we have and I knew how to use it. I watched the game with my husband now fully enjoying it. Before I went to sleep I looked at my face. It looked the same, but inside me I knew that it would be fine when I woke up the next day. In the morning, 8 hours later, as I got up 3:30 – 4am, I looked in the mirror and all the blisters were gone!!! :woohoo: My face was pink and I still had the swelling on it as well as inside of my mouth. There was no pain and I was able to put my make up on. I ate very little that day, small pieces of food that I put in my mouth and drank only cold water. The next day, 32 hours after the accident, my swelling was down by 80% and with my skillful make up no one could even see that anything happened to me. The swelling in my mouth was completely gone!!! People could not believe that it was only less than 48 hours from the incident as my face looked normal with smooth skin. I had a hot breakfast and ate hot meals all that day. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

Sometimes we don’t realize how important is for us to understand and know how to use the power that we all have. I had one gentlemen who commented that he burned his finger a month ago and he still had a problem with it, while he was looking in awe at my face less than 48 hours after the accident.[/quote]

Thank you for sharing. I burnt myself with a flat iron before and did the same thing. The swelling went down almost immediately. That is so incredible! :woohoo:[/quote]

That is awesome!!! We ALL can do it!!! :woohoo:

Why can we all do it?[/quote]

We actually “do it” every single day and all the time… we create exactly what we put our mind to – whether we are aware of it or not. Unfortunatley people tell themselves all the things that they can’t do – and so they can’t. :dry: BUT…
Because we are all one and we are all the same = we are powerful beings made in GOD’s image. WOW! :woohoo:

I watched Ancient Aliens the other night and they were talking about magnificient ancient structures in different parts of the world. Scientists were just baffled by how ancient civilizations were capable of errecting structures with enormous and perfectly shaped bolders (50 tons and more) without modern tools. Even with the technology we have today we wouldn’t be able to achieve these kind of things. I mean, they even showed the perfect and smooth cuts of a bolder out of a rock wall; the giant rocks were melted together as if melted by a laser… just mind blowing! Anyway, one of the sites in Mexico dates back 12,000 years. and I wonder if back then we (as human beings) were aware of our power and used our mind to move things, and do all kinds of other incredible things. The scientists were suggesting that these people must have had help from ET’s, who possessed knowledge of advanced technology, such as using anti-gravity moving large objects, etc. I say: Who needs aliens, right!? :woohoo:[/quote]

Great comment!!! :woohoo:

What do you think, were the people of the time aware of our power? :huh: