Re: How to Change Our Selfimage

July 12, 2011 at 5:11 am #983
Amanda Devine

Selfesteem. You said you love my selfesteem. What you see now is the new Amanda. I wasn’t anything like that before. I didn’t think much about myself. I was the victim all my life. But that has changed and as it changed my confidence changed as well. Like you said selfesteem is how much we love ourself. Confidence is the result of that love that we have for ourselves.

But who are YOU? Who is that you love?

You see, many times we were taught to love ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are. But who are you, Jola? Are you the person that had bad situations in your life and you forgave yourself for it? Are you the person with all the faults and you are accepting that you are not perfect? Is it that who you really are? :blink:

That is NOT who you really are!!! :cheer:

YOU are the perfection that was created by the High Power and you are more powerful that you can ever imagine! You are brilliant, wise, gorgeous, successful, amazing, full of love, understanding…and we can keep going on forever, as whatever we say is not going to be sufficent to describe who you really are! That is the REAL you and you need to accept that! The things that happened in your life are just explorations of different possiblities, that you found were not what you really wanted. Why did get yourself into those situations? Why did I get sick? Only because of the lack of understanding who I am. I thought that I was the little person in the big world with no saying what was going to happen to me, with everyone pulling my strings. The truth is you are a powerful being that holds all the strings in your hand! You and only you create everything in your life and you have the power to create anything you WANT! :woohoo: Everytime you accept yourself for who think you are, the little person, you make a victim of yourself. I have realized who I am, and now I am passing this wisdom to you. When you accept yourself for who you really are, the unlimited being capable of creating anything you want, then and only then your life is going to change and you will live magic in your life.

So, who are you really? 😉