Re: How Powerful Are You?

February 8, 2012 at 6:43 pm #3162
Laurie Thiboutot

[quote=”amanda” post=2590]Before you came here to the Network, you might or might not realize the very simple and yet extremely important truth. You create everything that you experience in your life. You are actually experiencing your own creation. If you are new to the Network and new to that concept, you might read that and ask yourself a question, is it really the truth? Yes, it is!!! You are creating 100% of everything that you have in your life. It is a very easy way to realize that. When you think about something negative, and you start paying attention to what it is that you think, you will be surprise how those things are going to appear in your life or in the life of someone that you know, or you will read about it or see it on TV, etc. One of my clients when I told her about how I burned myself with a hardboiled egg that I heated in a microwave that consequently exploded in my face in a moment I bit into it, had a very interesting experience the same day. She turned on her TV and watched a program that she normally doesn’t watch and she saw an egg exploding in a microwave for the first time in her life. A person talking about how rude drivers are, just minutes later experienced a driver being rude to him. So, when you experience something that you don’t want, it is because you watched something on TV, thought about it, heard about it, saw it somewhere and now experiencing IT in your own life. We are so incredibly powerful and we just need to realize and understand that we are! When we do, we will create life full of magic and miracles and we will live a fairy tale. :woohoo:
I would like to know why those negative things happen so quickly in someone’s life on the negative side but when we are thinking about loving ourselves or just positive things, that doesn’t manifest right away on the positive side!??

How can we use that knowledge to our advantage? :huh:[/quote]