Re: How Good Is it?

June 6, 2012 at 12:55 am #3675
Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=3112][quote=”[email protected]” post=3107][quote=”[email protected]” post=3106]Have an attitude of gratitude!!!! :cheer: When one looks at everything that is missing, then that is what one gets…. more of what is missing… it is important to see all the good we actually have…. I am curious though why we tend to so easily look at what is missing yet find it difficult to see all the positives, all that we do have???[/quote]

I think that stems from our desire of fullfilment… thinking that our life would be more complete if we had just this or that… when we do get it it’s just a temporary gradification/happiness. So therefore people tend to want more and more… The veil is being lifted and we are getting to understand and practice the true law of the universe. Like Amanda likes to put it: learning to operate that alien ship. :silly: Ach, what a great time to be alive – ever! NOW!! :silly: :woohoo:[/quote]

When we want something more it makes us grow. We want more wisdom, more money, take our relationship to another new level, etc. That makes us grow, but only when we feel grateful for what we have now. Without wanting more, the adventure, the journey to the new leves would stop to exist! Wanting more while feeling grateful for everything that we have now, get us more and more, and make us feel even more grateful.

So, let’s try to answer Sophie56 brilliant question. Why it is easier to see what we don’t have than what we do?

A Hint: Dreambuilder you are on the right track with the alien ship! ;)[/quote]

Okay, operating the alienship and not knowing what buttons to push is like wanting something and thinking the wrong thoughts. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want (what’s lacking in your life) see it as being yours already and “feeling” good about it, “feeling” excited about it, “feeling” grateful” for it. :woohoo: