Re: Honesty

April 21, 2012 at 7:03 pm #3543
Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=3000]We can have many definitions of honesty. But the honesty that I am talking about is regarding ourselves. Being true to ourselves. Being honest about our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we wonder why some things appear in our lives that we are not particularly fond of. We all want to have amazing, wonderful lives. We all can have those lives. We all deserve abundance in every area of our lives. Sometimes we might feel frustrated and impatient that things are not happening the way we want or as fast as we would like. Then we discover something very interesting. When we do the tools, and I mean really do the tools every day, things are progressing nicely. Then when we stop doing them at all or just doing them from time to time we find ourselves slipping back, falling of the “wagon” of the new way of thinking.

The great news is that as we pick up the tools again we start seeing the changes and things become easier for us in our lives.
If we want things to happen faster and keep going steadily up, we need to do the tools on a daily basis. When I think that it takes me only 25 min’s a day to have a life so easy and full of magic, it sounds so little and so priceless!!! That 25 min’s a day is your job, your very successful business, abundance of money, awesome relationships and great health.

The magic in your life is only 25 min’s a day away!!! :woohoo:

How much time a day would you be willing to invest to have a very easy and abundant life? :silly:[/quote]

25 Minutes sounds very easy to me… and it is. You are right, Amanda, if we stop doing the tools we tend to slip. So, let’s love ourselves in the mirror, stick with our positive affirmations and quiet our mind with meditation. It’s easy! 😆 :silly: :woohoo: