Re: Health and thinking a better thought

September 4, 2011 at 2:32 am #1975
Amanda Devine

Oh, Jolanta, that was so beautiful what you wrote!!! :woohoo: :kiss: :woohoo:

This is exactly how we need to see everything around you. We need to see the beauty that we have created and we need to see the perfection in ourselves. See ourselves beautiful and perfect. See ourselves perfectly healthy. The sun always shines. We just need to know that it does, and as you said yourself you know that.
Listen to the webinar over and over. Do everything that I adviced there! It works when we believe in it! We all love you and we all see you as perfectly healthy person. Say to yourself, “I love you Jolanta” See your soul so beautiful and healthy. See it as a sun that shines in you. We are all sending you our loves and our sunshines. You are going to be fine. With all the love around you you are going to be fine.
Love and plenty of it!!! :kiss: :kiss: :woohoo: