Re: Happiness

November 23, 2011 at 4:35 pm #2701
Christine Schumann

[quote=”amanda” post=2154][quote=”[email protected]” post=2153][quote=”amanda” post=2148]There is one thing in common, for every single person on this planet and that is that everyone wants to be happy. I am sure you know that saying, “money cannot buy us happiness”. The truth is nothing can buy us happiness. No one can make us happy. The true happiness does not come from THE OUTSIDE. It comes from INSIDE. 😉

We are creating with every single thought/feeling. Everything that we see in our lives is a direct reflection of what it is that we think/feel. Only when we are happy can we create the incredible life, situations and people that make us joyful and fulfilled.
We have the incredible power within us. The power of our mind that can create absolutely anything that we can imagine. Most of the time we use that power against and sabotaging ourselves. Why does that happen? When we feel down, miserable, angry, frustrated we use that tremendous power against ourselves. The more happy we become, the more of that power we use to our advantage. What a brilliant design! For us to use that incredible potential that lies within us, we have to be happy! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

How do we go about being happy? :silly:[/quote]

Our happiness grows by telling ourselves how wonderful and amazing we are, by keeping to talk to the mirror, for our reality is the reflection of our thoughts. We grow our happiness by doing little things every day that make us feel good (happy), and by beiing grateful for every little thing we already have (and don’t have yet ;)) We feel happy when we imagine things that we want in our lives, feeling the happiness of already having it. And by doing that (and believing it) it shows up – making us even happier!! :woohoo:[/quote]

Brilliant answer!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

How can we make our relationship a happy one? :huh:[/quote]

We start by looking in the mirror and telling ourselves how magnificent, beautiful, smart, successful and lovable we are, and repeat it over and over again. It builds confidence in ourselves and we start believing in ourselves. We start believing and we “know” that we are all those things! By doing that we open ourselves up and things fall into place. Life becomes easier and cooperative. People start loving us and we are creating wonderful supportive, simply beautiful loving realtionships in our lives. Come on, let’s create Heaven on Earth!! :woohoo: