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April 7, 2012 at 2:04 am #3500
Amanda Devine

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My husband and I fortunate enough to be going through Amanda’s program, and I wanted to share with you what I am learning about gratitude and how it affects everything in the Universe and how important it is for manifesting what we desire. I am learning that gratitude is an acknowedgement of love. When you live in gratitude, you are treating everything with respect. When scientists did experiments with water in tubes and when they sent the water love and gratitude or if they wrote the words “love” and “gratitude” on the vials of water and then looked at the water through a microscope, the water formed the most beautiful pattern of crystals imaginable. When anger or frustration was sent to the water, it formed ugly, misshapen crystals. Our bodies are made up of something like 98% water, so can you imagine how our cells will react to love and gratitude that is sent to them through our thoughts? That is how dis-ease is cured, because we get back into a state of ease through love and respect.

I am learning that it is important to be thankful for everything in my life, and everything means your spouse, your pets, and inanimate objects like your bed, your sheets, your pillows, your car, your pen, the hot water in your shower, EVERYTHING. When we live in gratitude and love, magical things happen and more things to love and be grateful for will come to you. Even when you write your checks to pay bills, be thankful for the services you are getting and be thankful that you have the money to pay those bills. If we are the person who “has”, more will be given to us. If you write something on a piece of paper and then decide to crumble it up and throw it in the wastebasket, treat that ball of paper with respect and don’t just throw it in the container, do it gently with respect.

Now, I am not saying it is easy to remember to do this because I forget most of the time. But, I am finding that the more I show gratitude for everything the calmer I am and the happier my heart is. This state of mind is what attracts to us the things we want.

This attitude of gratitude and how it works for everything was explained to me in more detail when I attended a psychic channeling of the ascended masters a couple of months ago. I am taking this from the transcript of the session, but basically the ascended masters said that:

“Our cells in our bodies are made up of atoms and molecules, as is everything in the Universe, including inaminate obects, or things that do not appear to be alive. When you envision a molecule, that is made up of energetic particles. In between these energetic particles is simply space.

As you become aware of the space that makes up your existence and the existence of all things, it is in that space that you will find Consciousness. When you understand that Consciousness is in the spaces in all things, you will be able to connect with that Consciousness. Here you will be aware of the intelligence of all things and the Consciousness of all things, and you will be able to have communication with this Consciousness of all things. A rock may seem as if it has no intelligence, but many of you work with crystals to enhance your communication with Consciousness within the stone. If that is true with a rock, why would it not be true with any other item? The chair on which you sit has a Consciousness, and it may appreciate being thanked for its service once you stand up! Just because it does not have a brain does not mean it does not have a Consciousness.”

So, when you send gratitude to the Consciousness between the spaces of everything in the Universe, you live in harmony with all that is, and you will be given more things to be grateful for. But more than that, I find that this makes me calm. And, of course, calmness is what helps you create your life the way you want it. I am still a work in progress on this concept, but even after a few hours of practicing this I notice how peaceful and calm I am, and I am feeling more joyful.

I hope this gives you all some food for thought today. Try it for a little while today and see how you feel afterwards.


Thanks for sharing! :cheer:
Yes, graditude is very important… and “feeling” grateful from the bottom of your heart is one of the best feelings I know to feel! 🙂

I believe graditude is also sharing the light. ;)[/quote]

What do you understand by light?[/quote]

Sharing the Love, GOD’s Love, pure and unconditional Love! The moment we are grateful we are filled with that love and our emotions are transmitting those feelings (that Love) into the world. :)[/quote]

Thank you for the explanation. Are we sharing that love? Or…? :huh:[/quote]

Well, in a way I do think of us sharing the love… and the reason is that if I love myself and I am grateful, and I emanate those feelings out into the world, then this is what I get back… and it is affecting other people. Just like you are sharing the wisdom of the creator in a loving way – to make the world a better place… to show people their true potential… you are sharing that love, and it is reflecting back at you. So if we take a look at the individuals you touched…now their reality/illusion-world is changing and they are emanating love… and so on. So, in that respect I think we do share. In the great sceme of things though, I believe that GOD (as in everything) is expanding… creating new… or evolving (however you want to call it).. and since we are GOD’s thought manifest we are moving right along with it.

Again, I am so happy and grateful that I live right here, right now. :silly: I just can’t think of a better time than now to be alive! 😆 It’s absolutely mind-blowing and totally amazing! :woohoo:[/quote]

I think this is just a great disscussion. 🙂 You might look at it that we are sharing love. But… Are we affecting people…or.. are we creating them?